AI Student Coaching Solution for High Schools

ApplyUni empowers high school counselors with its AI-driven Goal Designer, Real-Time AI Counselor, Professional Essay Assistance, and School Matching System, alongside an extensive Application Wiki. We're committed to supporting High Schools and Students.

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We believe that AI is the next
engine to reform our Education

Where AI Meets Aspiration: Personalized Student Development

Using AI to provide new solutions
for high schools.

Shaping the Future of Education with AI-Driven Coaching

Elevating Student Potential Beyond Boundaries

AI-Enhanced Student Coaching Goal planning

Utilize gen-AI to help deign goals in the GoalMap, allowing more flexible drags and arrangements and synchronizing them with the task tracking system.

Student Development Outcome Profiles

Coach & students can add targeted schools, standardized exams, competitions, and afterschool activities as key outcomes, providing an automated tracking and information viewing system, synchronized in the todo list as well.

Collaborative Todo List Tracking Platform

Efficiently publish and edit tasks with updates reflected on the student side, switch between Kanban Display and List Display, and enjoy task automation.

Application Essay Editor

Leverage our AI document editor and allow students polish, revise, and share ideas on their application essays and other documents at any time.

Real-time 24*7 AI Application Counselor

Engage with our AI service to simulate one-on-one conversations, helping students organize and contemplate document content, and providing targeted and personalized suggestions tailored to specific institutions.

Up-to-date College Wiki

Enjoy the latest information on targeted colleges for students, educators, and parents. This evolving resource aids in strategic planning, and aligning academic goals with current educational trends and requirements.

Target School Matching System

Match students with their best-fit colleges and schools that cohorent with their academic, financial, and demographical interests, using a big data backend,

User Feedback

ApplyUni has brought outstanding management and service capabilities to our institution, becoming an indispensable tool in our daily operations. It has also brought about more efficient and intelligent overseas study guidance services. The system's design has not only elevated our management level but also enabled us to provide more personalized, attentive services to students, making the college application process smoother and more successful. Thanks to ApplyUni, our institution stands out in the fiercely competitive K12 Education.

Mr. Wang
Institution Manager

I use the ApplyUni management system and deeply feel that it is an extremely innovative and practical tool, bringing great convenience and benefits to my coaching work. This system not only enhances my work efficiency but also allows me to focus more on personalized guidance, helping students better polish their college applications and their career goals. Thanks to this application, my educational work becomes more intelligent, enjoyable, and fulfilling.

Student Coach

My school uses ApplyUni, and I found that it really convenient and supportive for my college applications. It has offered me a comprehensive and efficient platform for managing all my applications and tasks. Thanks to this application's considerate design and powerful functionalities, I've encountered fewer worries during the application process and feel more confident in embracing a new learning journey.

High School Student

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